Marshalltown City Administrator issues statement on flooding

City crews have been working on storm water issues around the clock since early Sunday morning. It is anticipated that they will continue working on these issues through at least this week and most likely for weeks to come. The forecast is for rain off and on for the remainder of this week so problems most likely will continue.

We ask the public to honor barricades that are on the streets and not remove them and drive around them into high water. This has happened a number of times in the past few days and resulted in cars or trucks being stalled in intersections and on streets. We also ask that people do not walk along the levee system at night especially while the water is high.

People who see problems such as holes next to intakes or behind curbs that are new are asked to contact Steve Simons at 754-5749. He needs this information to assist in planning repairs. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

It is also requested that people not call the Com Center for road closures or the weather forecast. These calls take dispatchers away from the primary responsibilities. There are other sources for weather forecasts. Road closures change quickly depending on how fast or slow the water goes up and down. The Com Center will not be keeping up with the fast changing closures.

We want to thank the many residents have provided assistance, as well as their patience during this time of record or near record rain fall and flooding. Crews will continue to do their best to mitigate inconveniences for everyone.