Ideas please for Local Landmarks

Have camera, will travel.

I have to admit, I enjoyed doing the regular Monday feature called Local Landmarks last summer.

I could be found taking pictures and looking into the history of such things as a stone marker south of Le Grand to a beautiful valley overlook near Steamboat Rock. I visited the U.S. Army tank smack dab in the middle of Rhodes and learned about the history of the windmill that is at the center of Green Mountain.

All of these have piqued my interest through visiting these towns the past few years and I finally learned more about them through working on this feature.

Of course, I had to also do a story last summer on the Melbourne Mousehole, a legendary structure that inspired the idea to begin the Local Landmarks weekly feature. Hey, the Mousehole even has its own festival named after it, so it is big time.

Well, now back to using this column as a regular plea to readers. We are bringing back Local Landmarks this summer beginning Monday and here is where you come in.

I’m looking for ideas that could range from historical markers to a fun place to spend a summer day. Maybe it’s something that people see every day and have always wondered how it got there. I want to learn the story behind these and pass them along to you.

Many of the popular tourist type areas were covered last year, but I’m always looking for more ideas for stories in the area and the scenic the better. Ideas for unique or quirky landmarks are also welcome.

Then I get to head out of the office and go to them – the fun part of the job especially on a nice summer day when the cubicle is my enemy. An added bonus is there will be no snowstorm in the summer (hopefully). I always harken back to the time I got stuck on the side of the road taking a picture of a frozen deer in the winter.

Don’t ask about that one.

If you have any ideas let me know as my contact information is at the end of this column. I was pleased with the response and ideas I received last year for this feature. I even had neighbors yelling ideas at me across the street.

Who knows, maybe I’ll see you at one of these landmarks or quote you in a story this summer.

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