Daily Record, May 29, 3013

Man punches window of Main Street business

Police charged a local man with second-degree criminal mischief and public intoxication after he allegedly punched the window of a local business, causing more than $2,000 in damage.

Police arrested Martin Jamell, 22, Monday when he allegedly smashed the window at Denny’s Hometown Appliance, 1 W. Main St., said Lt. Ronald Ohrt, with the Marshalltown Police Department. An on-site breathalyzer showed Jamell’s blood alcohol content to be .218 at the time of his arrest, Orht said.

Jamell was charged with public intoxication, a simple misdemeanor, and second-degree criminal mischief, a Class D felony.

Marshall County Courthouse

Property Transfers

May 20

PHH Mortgage Corporation to Secretary of US Department of Veteran Affairs, 1011 W. State St.

Greg and Amanda Roush to Joel Engle, 308 W. Southridge Rd.

Shawn and Wendy Parkhurst to Jennifer Green, 401 Drury Lane, Le Grand

Terry McAnulty and Judith Chervenka-McAnulty to Betty Ealy, 104 N. Eighth St.

Marshall County Habitat for Humanity to Habitat for Humanity of Mid Iowa Inc., 407 N. Seventh Ave., and 1102 Washington St.

Jillian and Christopher Havran to Erica Sanchez and Victor Sanchez Garcia, 2301 S. Fifth Ave.

May 21

Mortgage Funding Corporation Profit Sharing Plan to DMK Real Estate Services LLC, 205 N. 15th St.

Michael and Judy Bair to Andrew and Mindy Wallace, 206 W. Meadow Lane

Marilyn and Robert Palmer to Russell and Connie Feldman, 16 E. Southridge Rd. #1604 and #1605

Jacqueline Grieves FKA Jacqueline Jass to Jacqueline Grieves, 2621 255th St.

Michael Oswald to Daniel Oswald, 201 Minerva Ave., Clemons

The Estate of Hazel Nason to Cary Nason, 515 and 517 S. Fifth St.

The Estate of Hazel Nason to Cindy Lindstrom, 805 W. Church St.

John and Annette Landherr to Tracie Reisinger and Tracie and Chris Andersen, 311 N. 12th Ave.

John and Annette Landherr on contract to Clinton Walker, 311 N. 12th Ave.

Beverly Fisher and Loren Dean on contract to Bobbie Smith, 306 S. 14th Ave.

May 22

Rex Lewis to Iowa Real Estate Holdings Inc., 2209 Sugar Creek Lane

The Estate of Herman Shoborg to Mark Shoborg, 2517 265th St.

Randy and Tara Price to David Schneider, 2711 Arnold Dr.

Lynne Borton to Michael Hildreth, 506 N. Clinton St., Albion

Marta Cleveland to Benton Jones, 1831 220th St., State Center


Farmers Savings Bank to Chad Eubanks, 303 Woodbury St.

John and Cynthia Wise to John Wise Revocable Trust, Cynthia Wise Revocable Trust, John and Cynthia Wise, Co-Trustees, 1710 Robertson Dr.

Greta Thomae to Greta Thomae Living Trust, Greta Thomae Trustee, 2901 S. Second St. #110

Jodi Buchanan to Justin and Tosha Van Rees, 305 N. Seventh Ave.

Kenneth Kosnar and Renee Aragon FKA Renee Kosnar and Juan Aragon to Renee and Juan Aragon, 302 N. Sixth St.

Renee and Juan Aragon on contract to Christopher and Kimberley Talbott, 302 N. Sixth St.

The Sheriff of Marshall County to Bank of America NA, 211 Park St.

JP Morgan Chase Bank NA to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 2610 Reyclif Dr.

Marshalltown Fire Department


The Marshalltown Fire Department responded to four rescue calls to: 220 E. Main St., 506 E. Anson St., 109 N. Third St., and 306 S. Ninth St.


The Marshalltown Fire Department responded to three fire calls to: 806 E. State St., 1806 Knollwood Dr., and 806 E. State St., and three medical assists with the EMS crew to: 1211 W. State St., 206 Nicholas Dr., and 501 N. 12th Ave.


The Marshalltown Fire Department responded to three calls to: 503 E. Linn St., 111 N. Fifth Ave., and 803 Bromley St., and two medical assists with the EMS crew to 505 Edgebrook Court, and 1702 S. Seventh Ave.


The Marshalltown Fire Department responded to a call to 1211 W. State St., two fire calls to 2500 S. Center St., and 707 Bromley St., and six medical assists with the EMS crew to: 1202 E. State St., 111 N. Fifth Ave., 107 1/2 N. Second St., 1008 S. Sixth St., 613 Elmwood Dr., and 1218 Larkfield Court.


The Marshalltown Fire Department responded to a fire call to 1014 S. Ninth Ave., a rescue call to 3200 S. Sixth St., and 10 medical assists with the EMS crew to: 604 E. Church St., 913 S. Sixth Ave., 1400 Lincoln Tower Circle, 1304 Greenbriar Lane, 101 NewCastle Rd., 1100 S. Center St., 217 Huisman Circle, 1501 W. Church St., 310 Sunset Lane, and 702 1/2 W. Main St.