Art-A-Holics at Fisher Community Center

The Central Iowa Art Association invites you to a unique art opening from 5:30 to 7 p.m. June 7 introducing the ART-A-HOLICS group from the Des Moines area.

The group consists of nine artists who present their talent in a variety of media. “Art-A-Holics – No Longer Anonymous” is a group of artists banding together in the name of art. The group was founded in 2007 by a group of central Iowa artists wanting to share their art with the community. They came together with a common goal to not only promote the group’s mission, but to also share each artist’s individual talents.

“We have done many shows together over the years, including the Skywalk Golf tourney four years in a row, winning most creative hole two straight years in a row,” Artist Misty Palek said.

For the past four years, Art-A-Holics had an exhibit in “Art under the Tent” at the Iowa State Fair. Each member rotates during the exhibit, so there is always something a new to see and new artist to meet. The group includes: Shawn and Misty Palek, Steve Baier, Julie Brown, Mike Dennis, D. Ryan Allen, KimB Kreatures, Jeff Zelnio and Holly Marie. The group holds monthly meetings.

KimBerly Dobstaff-Sharrot, or KimB Kreatures, proclaims herself to be a BAT educator and artist. KimB primarily creates sewn and 3-D soft sculptures, as well as acrylic on canvas painting. Her work is aimed at acquainting the public with the beauty of bats, because bats all over the world are in danger. She said it is her goal to draw attention to bats necessity in the ecosystem to ensure a healthy planet.

Shawn Palek has been creating airbrushed one-of-a kind artworks for 24 years. He specializes in realism of images on a variety of surfaces and subjects. He paints portraits, animals, graphics and other subjects on canvases, clothing, cycles, wall, helmet and even bodies. He likes having the ability to work on a wide range of surfaces with the airbrush. Palek is both a commission and consignment artist.

Misty Palek has exhibited an unrenowned passion for the arts her entire life. Not only does she enjoy creating unique pieces of artwork, she also enjoys visiting the arts.

She said, “… her work is a direct product of my crazy imagination, which is bountiful.”

She enjoys watercolors on any surface. She creates surreal still lifes with watercolors.

“I have a great deal of respect for their (watercolors) endless boundaries and how they don’t confine everything you’re feeling or seeing in your mind,” she said.

For Julie Luedtke, “art: making art, wearing art- is central to who I am as a person.” Luedtke creates jewelry and owns JKLART Jewelry. She also pursues drawing, painting and mosaics. Julie has been a teacher for the Central Iowa Art Association in the past. She, too, finds watercolor painting to be a love of her life.

“It is spontaneous, unpredictable and requires me to trust my instincts,” she said.

D. Ryan Allen is an eclectic, passionate and creative artist and writer. He works in a variety of media including drawing, painting, sculpting, stained glass and mixed media. His artwork and writing is a reflection of his love of horror, science fiction, fantasy and the weird. His style is also influenced by his love of old school Dungeons and Dragons, comic books, cartoons and music. There is also a hint of twisted humor – thanks to an early fondness for The Muppets, Monty Python, Rat Finks, Garbage Pail Kids and the cartoons of Gahan Wilson.

The reception is free and open to the public at the Fisher Community Center. Refreshments will be served. Many of the artists will be in attendance. The Art-A-Holics display will be available to the public throughout June, except when the auditorium is in use for other events.