Towering above town

It can be seen from miles around and rises above the trees in the central part of Marshalltown.

The water tower on High Street is also a vital part of the operations of Marshalltown Water Works.

It stands 154 feet tall and has a storage capacity of 1 million gallons.

“It’s centrally located within our distribution system,” said Steve Sincox, general manager of Marshalltown Water Works. “It has a lot of importance because of that.”

The High Street tower is one of four towers in town, with a similar sized one on 18th Avenue. They serve a vital purpose to keep water in reserve in case of an emergency or a need for increased supply.

The amount of water the High Street tower has on hand depends on the time of day.

“It fluctuates throughout the day,” Sincox said. “It typically is anywhere from 800,000 gallons to 1 million.”

The tower was constructed by the Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel Company in 1946 for the cost of $115,962. Sincox said if it was built today the structure would cost an estimated $2.5 million.

He hopes to get a total of 100 total years out of it with plans to paint it again in the next year or two. The last paint job on the tower was done in 1998 costing $208,000.