County works on repairing flood-damaged roads

As flood waters have dried up over Marshall County roads, work is being done to repair roads still closed due to damage.

County Engineer Paul Geilenfeldt told the board of supervisors Tuesday that two roads remain closed currently – 200th Street between Zeller Avenue and Abbott Avenue, and the bridge area on Ingram Avenue just north of 148th Street.

A new culvert will be installed at 200th Street with Ingram to receive more attention.

“We need to make some serious repairs there,” Geilenfeldt said.

He said he hopes to have both of them open in a matter of weeks. The county has rented a Hitachi excavator to help with road and ditch maintenance for $6,000 a month for a two-to-three month span.

“This machine was used to get East Main Street open (Monday),” Geilenfeldt said.

Supervisors Chair Dave Thompson commended Geilenfeldt and the secondary roads staff for doing a “phenomenal job” with the roads and working to keep them open during the floods last week.

In another action item, the supervisors approved agreements between the county and area towns for law enforcement. These are annual agreements for patrol and other services from the sheriff’s office and the contract is based on the number of households and liquor licenses in the towns.

The towns and what they will pay the county for the next fiscal year for law enforcement include Ferguson: $3,025, Clemons: $3,520, Liscomb: $7,425, Haverhill: $3,795, Laurel: $7,150, Gilman: $17,380 and Le Grand: $21,230.

The agreements run from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014.