Lack of support for Glass-Steagall frustrating

I have been excessively mild in my letters. In a Republic citizens have to take part. That is what is meant by “self governing.” How many readers of letters are called to converse with any of the congressional people? Did Senator Harkin get a word of encouragement or grateful thanks for his bold action of going against his party and his administration?

I have tried to motivate our county supervisors and the city council to no avail. Neither wanted any part of government action, though they are the first contact for us the citizens.

The U.K, the queen, the British bank is dictating our government policy and our president has followed that advice. On July 21, 2010, President Obama signed into law the Dood-Frank Bill. He is far worse than Hitler ever was to the U.S. He signed our Constitution away. How he was elected the second time is beyond me. He signed the Dodd-Frank Act. We in the La Rouche movement have been working to get the Glass-Steagall Law passed. This would have put the world banks into receivership. The world derivatives are 10 times greater than Global Annual GDP. It can never legally be paid.

While we were working to pass Glass-Steagall, everyone was telling us no we have Dodd-Frank. So we went back into 848 pages containing 38,3013 words and, as of July 2012, an additional 8843 pages of rules have been added. That is why we went into the bill. This is what we found,

This is a Pearl Harbor event. Call your Congress person.