Supervisors terminate Kelley’s employment

The Marshall County board of supervisors voted unanimously to terminate the employment of Todd Kelley, county buildings and grounds director, at a special meeting Friday.

Supervisors Chair Dave Thompson did not tell the more than 30 supporters for Kelley at the meeting the reasons for the termination.

“It’s a personnel matter,” he said.

Later, Thompson released a prepared statement on the firing.

“The board has lost confidence in Todd’s ability to effectively and efficiently manage his department,” Thompson said.

Kelley, who has worked for the county for 13 years, was put on paid administrative leave by the board on May 14.

Marshall County Sheriff Ted Kamatchus hired Kelley to take over maintenance of the jail, and Kelley’s position evolved to also include overseeing the courthouse. His job was then put under the direction of the supervisors.

Kamatchus said Kelley has done great work at both locations.

“I’m very disappointed at the decision that was made (Friday),” Kamatchus said.

At previous meetings, Kelley’s use of his staff has come into question by the board. Thompson said the decision was not personal, which Kamatchus disagreed with.

“I have to believe it’s because of personality conflicts,” Kamatchus said. “We work with him every day, and I have not heard of anything that was dischargeable.”

After the decision was made, several Kelley supporters in the audience spoke up demanding answers from the board, but Thompson told them it was a confidential, personnel matter. Kelley declined to comment on the situation after the meeting.

Kelley’s termination is effective immediately. He was being paid an annual salary of $60,615.