MHS graduate is a pasta pioneer

The career of Scott Ketchum took an unusual twist in recent years, but it is paying off.

The 1989 Marshalltown High School graduate had a successful career in graphic design and decided to use those skills as part of new pasta manufacturing company called Sfoglini. He started the New York City-based company with chef and business partner Steve Gonzalez.

Sfoglini (prounounced SFO-LEE-KNEE), founded last year, prides itself on its fresh, nutritious pasta with a porous texture that increases its ability to hold the sauce.

“The growth has been better than I expected and a lot faster than I expected,” Ketchum said.

The Iowa State University graduate said the pasta is now featured in 12 New York City restaurants.

“The restaurants we are working with are very well-established restaurants,” Ketchum said.

Sfoglini also ships its pasta to specialty shops throughout the country. Boosting the company forward is the publicity it has received in recent months in several media outlets, including the Huffington Post.

“We’ve had some notoriety because of the quality of the product,” Ketchum said.

The 41-year-old, who is married to his wife Cherisse, said he enjoys the action and his busy lifestyle in the city.

The future for Ketchum and Gonzalez could include their own pasta shop or restaurant, and they hope to continue to get their product distributed to more locations.

“We want to continue to grow the business and grow our product capacity,” Ketchum said.

Ketchum’s parents, Jerry and Karen Ketchum, still live in Marshalltown. So does his sister, Alyson Rasmusson.

For more information on the company, or to order the pasta online, visit