Our 1-year-old is beating me up

The guy we affectionately call the Duke of Destruction for his innate ability to mess up a room in no time flat has now moved his attention to me.

One day, when I was home for lunch, he put a whaling on me. He was first hitting me with this mat that was soft, which I didn’t mind. Then he graduated to his hard plastic cup of water and upped the pain ante on me big time.

That’s when it went from fun to “OUCH.”

A few minutes later he was lying on the floor flopping his legs real fast and ended up kicking me.


I’m all for rolling on the floor playing with the guy, but man, he can really put a hurting on me sometimes.

We are trying to teach him some nice ways to roughhouse – like a gentle tap on the head with a pillow.

Even those can get out of control as he rears back and bonks me on the head with the pillow. He even adds the sound effects by saying “Bonk! Bonk! Bonk!”

I have yet to show up for work with marks on my face and have to explain they are from a 17-month-old, but as he keeps getting bigger and more powerful that is probably inevitable. I know he’ll grow out of this phase and eventually learn not to abuse his parents like this. At least, I hope he grows out of this phase. Otherwise, I’ll have to start wearing a padded suit around the house.

Another challenge with him lately has been car rides. I don’t blame the guy for not wanting to be strapped down. He wants to be free. We went on a road trip to see family a couple of weeks ago, and he was not happy on the way home.

At one stop, I was so worried about getting him fed and set in his seat that I left my pop on top of the car. A few minutes later, it went ‘splat’ on the parking lot of the gas station as we pulled away.

I feel bad now after citing a couple of challenges with him. I should also mention that he is a sweet boy who loves to smile and laugh. We’ve been told by so many people he is such a happy baby, which makes us feel good.

You have to take the good with the “challenging” in parenting it seems.

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