Daily Record, June 13, 2013

Police say woman used bat, car to commit assaults

A local woman faces two assault charges for allegedly bludgeoning another woman in the head with a baseball bat and attempting to run over her fiance.

Vanessa Gowdy, 25, of Marshalltown, is charged with willful injury, a Class D felony, and aggravated domestic assault, an aggravated misdemeanor, for her involvement in an incident at Aaron’s, 1700 S. Center St., Monday evening, said Capt. Mike Hanken, with the Marshalltown Police Department.

Hanken said the female victim had accompanied Gowdy’s fiance to Aaron’s, where he works, to drop off some property when Gowdy attacked her with an aluminum baseball bat, striking her in the side of the head. When Gowdy’s fiance tried to intervene, Gowdy jumped in her car and drove away, striking her fiance in the process.

The fiance sought medical attention at Marshalltown Medical & Surgical Center where he was treated and later released. The female victim declined treatment.

Gowdy turned herself into the police department Tuesday where police arrested her. She made her initial appearance and subsequently posted her $5,000 bond on Wednesday. Gowdy’s preliminary hearing is set for June 21. The court issued no contact orders on both victims.

Marshall County Courthouse

Property Transfers

June 3

Bank of America to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, 1613 Fremont St.

Valley Bank to Jason Kirke, 2427 and 2430 Evergreen Ave., State Center

Troy and Stacy Roberts to Jake Roberts, 409 W. Linn St.

John and Jane Frimml to John and Jane Frimml, 504 New Salem Road

Victor Hubert to Mervin and Janet Minde, 6 N. Eighth Ave.

Daryl and Kathryn Allison to Jerrod Leffler, 803 Kester Road

Harvester Development LC to Eric and Deborah Berthelsen, 1144 330th St., Rhodes

JCATS Inc. to Alan Leise, 311 S. Eighth Ave.

Mildred Debutts, Trustee to Duane Debutts and Dean Debutts, Co-Trustees, 1808 250th St., Melbourne

John & Cynthia Wise and Thomas & Shelley Wise to J & T Wise LLC, 809-811, 906 and 1000 N. Third Ave.

Farmers Savings Bank to Antonio Mendez Pantoja and Maria Del Rocio Ceballos Saldana, 503 N. 12th Ave.

June 4

The Estate of Charles Fairall to Shane and Christine Ecklor, 2368 and 2370 Sand Road

Federal National Mortgage Association to Glenn DauSchmidt, 512 E. Church St.

Chad Kunc and Stacey Gorovoy to Dan Moellers, 2102 Freiberg Court

Angela Nyce NKA Angela Faught and Danny Faught to Gary and Sandra Lurvey, 8 S. 14th St.

June 5

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Larry Brown, 304 Maple St., Clemons

Joseph Bulanek to Michael Needham, 611 and 612 S. Sixth St.

Henry and Irlanda Helgen FKA Irlanda Hoffman to Henry and Irlanda Helgen, 1919 S. Fifth Ave.

Donald and Phyllis Mann to Duane and Christine Mann, 1727 Sanford Ave.

Steven McKibben to Kathleen Edgar, 203 E. South St., Albion

James and Joan Hedden to James Heddens Trust, James Heddens Trustee, 509 N. Second St., and 5 E. Webster St.

Clifford Stalzer Trust, US Bank and Scott Stalzer, Trustees to Shelley Backes, 609 Marion St. and 409 Swayze St.

Nancy Davis Conservatorship to Timothy and Trina Heimgartner, 2201 Iowa Ave. West

Wayne Davis Conservatorship to Timothy and Trina Heimgartner, 2201 Iowa Ave. West

June 6

Bank of America to Secretary of Veteran Affairs, 304 S. Main St., Laurel

The Sheriff of Marshall County to Bank of America, 202 Third Ave. SW, State Center, and 925 N. Fifth Ave.

Edward Miller to Edward Miller Revocable Trust, Edward Miller Trustee, 2335 Meyer Ave. and 2242 233rd St.

Colleen Rohrer to Tanner and Ashley Buck, 302 Second St. SE, State Center

June 7

Shane and Christine Ecklor to Garrett Ballard, 2350 Sand Road

The Sheriff of Marshall County to Federal National Mortgage Association, 502 Main St., Melbourne

Carl Myers to Raymond and Janice Hartgrave, 107 N. Main St., Albion

Margaret Gibson to Carol Slifer, 1808 Wallace Ave.

Braulio and Jovita Pereyra to Braulio and Jovita Pereyra, 103 N. Second Ave.


Benjamin Kasal to Marissa Willier

Molly Schnathorst to Daniel Voss

Monica Aguilera Patino to Manuel Villagomez Ortiz

Marshalltown Police Department


On Monday, Yolanda Ramos, 508 E. Church St. Apt. #3, reported the theft of a Mirra Co. Detroit bicycle from her residence valued at $438.98.

On Tuesday, Gabriel Larson, 1327 Greenfield Drive, reported the theft of a Next brand bicycle while at 105 W. Boone St. Estimated value of loss was $100.


On Monday, Kinsey Panky Gordon, 117 N. First St. Apt. #1, was cited for forgery.


On Monday, Sean Drew Williams, 11 W. Grant St., was arrested for serious assault and violation of a no-contact order.

On Monday, June 10, Timothy Shawn Winger, 308 N. Sixth Ave., was arrested for serious domestic assault.

On Tuesday, Vanessa Lee Gowdy AKA Caracoza, 509 May St., was arrested on a warrant.

On Tuesday, Lolita Lyna Good, 305 N. 15th Ave., was arrested for violation of a no-contact order.

On Tuesday, Kinsey Panky Gordon, 117 N. First St., was arrested for possession of a Schedule II controlled substance-meth.


On Monday, a vehicle driven by Brynjar Brynjarsson, 207 Koeper Drive, was westbound on East State Street approaching the intersection with North Center Street when it collided with the rear of a pickup driven by Adrian Martinez-Alvarez, 711 Jackson St., which was stopped at the stop sign. No injuries were reported. Brynjarsson was cited for failure to stop within a safe assured distance and Martinez-Alvarez was cited for failure to have a valid driver’s license and no insurance-accident. Damage to the Brynjarsson vehicle was estimated at $5,000 while the Martinez-Alvarez pickup received an estimated $500 in damage.

On June 7, a minivan driven by Pamela Grace Pelham, of Boone, was eastbound on Iowa Avenue approaching the intersection with Highway 14 when it entered the intersection on a red light and caused a collision with a pickup driven by Kenneth B. Weeks, of Toledo, which had proceeded forward on a green light. No injuries were reported. Pelham was cited for failure to obey a traffic control device. Damage to the Pelham minivan was estimated at $4,000 while the Weeks pickup received an estimated $2,000 in damage.

Marshall County Sheriff’s Office


On June 8, Valerie Lynn Reisetter, 2960 E. Main St. Road, was arrested for failure to appear.

On June 7, Michael Lee Querry, of Grinnell, was arrested for violation of probation.

On June 6, Kevin Douglas Young, 9 E. Grant St. Apt. #1, was arrested for parole violation.

On June 5, Justin Dwight Paysen, of DeWitt, was arrested for unlawful possession of a prescription drug.


On Friday, June 7, a car driven by Victor Michael Narreau, 1015 Finkle Ave., was eastbound on Marshalltown Boulevard when it came upon a vehicle stopped or slowed in the roadway, and to avoid a collision it took to the south ditch knocking out a highway road sign belonging to the Iowa Department of Transportation. Passenger, Nicholas George Carl, 307 N. 15th St., was transported to Marshalltown Medical & Surgical Center with possible injuries. Narreau was cited for failure to maintain control. Damage to the Narreau car was estimated at $500 while the IDOT road sign received an estimated $100 in damage.