A near collision on the bike path

Monday, I headed out with my bike taking advantage of a warm, dry day. Heading down the Campbell Street trailhead, I crossed the bridge and immediately saw two people on the path heading toward me. A lady was on my left walking a dog, and a boy, around 12, was walking while pushing along a skateboard and was directly in my path. He looked at me but did not move as I expected. I quickly yelled out “move over” as I skirted the edge of the path, trying to avoid hitting the boy, about 1/3 my size. I will say now that this all took place in a few seconds, maybe five. As I was avoiding crashing into this boy, he pushed his skateboard in front of my bike! I barely avoided a likely devastating crash as the board just ticked my front tire. I stopped immediately and his mother was mortified. I could only say, “What is wrong with your son?” She apologized and made him apologize, but I could only think; he did that with his mother right there, what is he like when she isn’t there? What would make this child do something like that? I wonder if he got a timeout when he got home?