Bridge stands test of time

There’s no doubt a bridge in Tama was part of the Lincoln Highway – it says so right on the railing.

The Lincoln Highway Bridge in Tama was built in 1914 by the city of Tama, according to Allan Richards, a Tama resident and former state president of the Lincoln Highway Association.

The letters of Lincoln Highway spelled in the railing make it one of the more unique bridges on the stretch of road.

“It’s the only one like it across the country,” Richards said.

Richards said the concrete bridge, which is still in its original form, is a tourist attraction for the area.

“Bus tours come through here and you’ll get people stopping by,” he said. “Old car tours stop because everybody wants to get photos.”

Many are amazed the original bridge structure is still intact, with just patch work done through the years.

“It holds up under modern traffic,” Richards said.

The bridge is part of the historic road that connected the country. The road through Tama was paid for by business people and farmers, who each donated $50 in 1913, Richards said.

The bridge was put on the National Historic Registry in 1978.

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