Takes issue with sports coverage

I admit I do not comprehend the T-R’s coverage policy for local sports. In the edition of June 11, four local sports stories were on the front page – 1-Marshalltown at Ames, baseball; 2-West Marshall at Grundy Center, baseball; 3-AGWSR at BCLUW girls, softball; and 4-Colo-Nesco at North Tama, baseball. Guess what stories were given the biggest headlines with game photos and thus the biggest play on the front page? First, was the AGWSR at BCLUW girls softball and, second, Colo-Nesco at North Tama baseball.

Now the Times-Republican offices are located in Marshalltown and I feel any Marshalltown game, especially one against longtime rival Ames High, would be the lead local sports story. The T-R sent its reporters to Traer and Conrad but not to Ames to cover the Bobcats-Little Cyclone doubleheader. It cannot be the expense because the travel distance from Marshalltown to Ames and Traer is roughly the same. Where are the most subscribers to the T-R located? In Traer, Colo, Zearing, Ackley, Geneva, Wellsburg, Steamboat Rock, Beaman, Conrad, Liscomb, Union, Whitten or Marshalltown?

I think it is great the small-town schools are covered but at the expense of not giving full coverage to a Marshalltown High School team? You can cover the small school on nights the Bobcats are not scheduled.

Oh, by the way the Bobcats girls’ softball team also played Monday evening, but I did not even see a score in the T-R sports pages of June 11. It is a good thing the scores for the Bobcat girls’ softball game against Ames were in the Des Moines Register sports pages.

I would like an explanation of the coverage policy of the T-R Sports Department for local sports.

Editor’s Note: The T-R sports reporters cover every Bobcat home game and any weekend tournament they are in locally. When MHS teams travel, we try to cover area teams. The coach for the Bobcat girls softball team did not call in scores/stats for the June 10 game and they weren’t made available until after press time.