Iowa Care Package needs support

Ron Fisher


So far this year Iowa Care Package has shipped 280 care packages to deployed soldiers in combat zones. We need the resources to send more care packages.

Recently I received the following email. Note it is our policy to protect soldiers identities and addresses:

I am a Chaplain’s assistant for a Seabee Battalion currently deployed to Afghanistan. We are from Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, South Dakota and Kansas. I currently have over 400 Seabees to take care of. We the Chaplain and myself distribute care packages to our Seabees that don’t get very much mail as well as we have a freebee locker that we put our excess materials in for all to come in and get a little something nice from back home. We have been here since the beginning of March and will be here through the beginning of October. We have about 75 females. We live in two man cans that are air-conditioned.

Iowa Care package, Inc. ships all the care packages we can as resources are available and at this time the check book needs help.

Since Iowa Care Package has no employees or paid staff, consequently every dollar donated is only used to cover the cost of the care packages contents and postage.

With the outstanding support of the Hy-Vee Food Store and the Hy-Vee Drugstore, Iowa Care Package, Inc. is able to purchase the care packages contents at a much reduced cost.

Please send donations or contributions to:

Iowa Care Package, Inc.

Box 1208

406 South First Ave.

Marshalltown, IA 50158

Donations/contributions to Iowa Care Package, Inc. are tax deductible under section 170 of the code.