City begins replacing sidewalk ramps

Street crews have already started replacing ramps downtown as part of an Americans with Disabilities Act requirement.

“If we do any major repairs on any streets, we have to bring the sidewalk ramps up to ADA standards,” said Lynn Couch, Public Works director.

According to Public Works documents, Con-Struct Inc., the company doing the road work, has until Nov. 1 to complete the mill and overlay and ramp replacement project; the sidewalk ramp replacement aspect of the project will cost $539,402.

Brad Bateman, assistant civil engineer, was on site during construction near the Marshall County Courthouse Monday afternoon.

He said crews will complete the work in that area Wednesday before moving down toward Second Avenue to complete ramps there. Then, they will move to First and Second streets, doing mill and overlay work at the intersection of Main and First streets and Second and State streets.

Traffic impediments should be minimal, Bateman said. Flaggers will be on site to direct traffic so streets can remain open. Ramp replacement downtown will be complete sometime in the next couple weeks.

Couch said the mill and overlay work is still on budget – roughly $4 million.

The Public Works department is set to mill and overlay 12 miles of street before the end of construction season, an increase from last year’s 6.5 miles. The work will replace 4,670 lineal feet of sidewalk ramps.