Superintendent gets contract extension, pay raise

After a positive year for the Marshalltown Community School District, the school board voted in closed session Monday night to extend Superintendent Marvin Wade’s contract through June 2015.

The board voted 5-1 to keep Wade, who has served in the district’s top position for the past five years. The contract extension also came with a 3 percent pay raise, which will take his salary from $170,054 to $175,156 annually.

“He’s shown quite a bit of success this past year with our target goals for improvement,” said Sherm Welker, school board president. “We believe he’s steering the district in the right direction.”

Wade said he is pleased with the contract extension and he appreciates the school board and its support of the improvements the school district is making.

“It shows they continue to support the direction we’re going as a district,” Wade said. “I really do enjoy it here.”

Along with Wade’s 3 percent raise, all administrators in the district will be seeing an increase in their pay come next school year.

Welker said the board came to a settlement with district officials, and voted 6-0 to increase administrator salaries by 3 percent. This was possible because of the allowable growth passed by the Iowa Legislature this past session, he said.

“When we got the 2 percent allowable growth from the state, we were in good shape,” he said.

Wade said a pay increase is important for the district and the community to retain quality administrators.

“It helps us keep competitive with other school districts,” he said.

Wade said, overall, he is happy with the way the school district is moving and said the school board vote Monday night is a positive sign that they’re doing something right.

“I feel that the vote of the board [Monday] night to provide a raise to the administrators is a vote of confidence as for what we’re doing for the district,” he said.