Tama County inks transportation contract with Region 6

Monday morning Marty Wymore from Region 6 was present to renew the transportation contract with Tama County supervisors. The contract is for the same amount as last year, $12,000. Wymore said those using the transportation for trips to Marshalltown for dialysis starting July 1 will be $10 each way; medical appointments to Marshalltown will be $15 each way.

County Engineer Lyle Brehm said resurfacing of Highway T47 north of Gladbrook started last Wednesday. The crew has started back from the county line and is now at Lincoln. Brehm said crews can get up to three miles each day and plan to leave the recycled material to cure for three to four weeks. However, they will paint yellow lines when the first part is completed. Brehm said this part will be completed in time for the Gladbrook Corn Carnival.

Brehm also said they plan on doing a portion of Highway E29 as well as going around the Union Grove Lake this year.

Bob Etzel, conservation director, made a request for the transfer of funds to the Land Acquisition and Development (LAD) account in the amount of approximately $3242.00. The actual amount will be determined soon as the claims were paid on Monday, and camp fees will be collected until the end of the fiscal year.

Funds can then be transferred to the LAD account.