Major investments prove value over time

I attended the meeting at the Fisher Community Center concerning the proposed trail running north from Marshalltown through Albion, Liscomb, Eldora and Steamboat Rock at the Fisher Community Center June 19.

The Marshalltown City Council has been asked to be the sponsoring agency for a grant the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation will use to acquire the former railroad bed and turn it into a trail.

As a bicyclist and concerned citizen, I know there are many factors, pro and con, for the council to consider on this issue.

Marshalltown area citizens and elected officials surely must have been faced with a similar debate years ago when considering the installation of a levy along the Iowa River.

And I am writing to thank those citizens and elected officials, who, after extensive discussion, had the foresight to build the levy.

Over the years, it has controlled much of the river’s flow, preventing Mother Nature from flooding large portions of the city, resulting in the savings of thousands in tax dollars and property owner expense

As a follow-up, they wisely constructed the biking and hiking trail, formally known as the Linn Creek Recreation Trail, on top of the levy.

And the levy and trail were appreciated, when I rode my bicycle from Lennox to the trail meeting at the FCC faster and more directly than an auto.

The Marshalltown hiking/biking trail is a benefit to the Marshalltown area, as are the Fisher Community Center, Martha Ellen Tye Playhouse, Marshalltown YMCA-YWCA, Aquatic Center and others. All were major investments, and in time, have proven their value in making Marshalltown a better place to live and work.

Best wishes to the city council as members discuss their involvement, if any, with the proposed trail.

City council members – your efforts are appreciated, and I will be looking forward to reports on the debate.