A drastic change in thinking is needed

Collins English Dictionary defines “tyrant” as “a person who governs oppressively, unjustly, and arbitrarily.”

As a skew of irrational policies and unjustifiable scandals emerge from the nontransparent Obama administration, the American people will surely begin to understand how their chief executive so snugly fits the definition of “tyrant.”

Oppression is manifested in many ways. It is shown when innocent children are slaughtered in their sleep when a drone missile strikes their home. It is shown when a bureaucratic agency selectively grants preferential treatment to political groups depending upon their affiliations. It is shown when the government covertly steals private information and phone records from news agencies. Oppression is shown when our rights as citizens are trampled on a daily basis. Barack Obama has facilitated all of this.

Many refuse to acknowledge that this oppression is a reality. It is to them I present a series of questions: How many innocent children have to die before you stand up to the tyrant that is your president? How much does your privacy have to erode before you draw the line? When does your morality object to the heinous actions of your government?

A drastic change in thinking is needed if our republic is to be restored. Even the slightest consideration of this writing would be appreciated.