Daily Record, June 27, 2013

Local man tries to strangle girlfriend

A local man faces charges of felony assault and false imprisonment after police arrested him Tuesday for an incident Monday night.

Kellen Nail, 28, of Marshalltown, allegedly grabbed his girlfriend around the throat and prevented her from leaving the home he shares with his mother on the 1000 block of Church Street, said Capt. Mike Hanken, with the Marshalltown Police Department.

The victim, who did not need medical attention, came into the police department following the alleged assault and spoke to police, Hanken said. Police charged Nail with domestic assault strangulation, a Class D felony; and false imprisonment, a serious misdemeanor.

Nail made his initial appearance Wednesday where the judge issued a public defender and set his bond at $5,000 cash. The judge also ordered Nail to turn over all firearms and ammunition to the sheriff’s office and issued a no contact order on the victim. His preliminary hearing is set for July 5.

Police nab local man wanted for felony assault

Marshalltown police arrested a local man early Wednesday morning for allegedly punching his girlfriend in the head in front of their child last week.

Fredrick Henley, 55, is charged with felony domestic abuse, enhanced to a Class D felony due to prior convictions; child endangerment without injury, an aggravated misdemeanor; and fourth-degree criminal mischief, a serious misdemeanor, said Capt. Mike Hanken, with the Marshalltown Police Department.

When police arrived at the couple’s home on the 1000 block of Jackson Street June 19, Hanken said Henley was gone, but police later arrested him. Hanken said Henley smashed his girlfriend’s cell phone prior to the assault. The couple’s 4-year-old daughter was present during the attack. The victim did not need medical attention.

Henley appeared in court Wednesday. The judge issued a public defender and a no contact order on the victims and ordered him to surrender all firearms and ammo to the sheriff’s office. Henley’s preliminary hearing is set for July 5, and his bond is set at $5,000 cash.

Woman neglects children to assault boyfriend

A Marshalltown woman allegedly left her two sons home alone while she went to assault her boyfriend at a local bar.

Andrea Thompson, 21, left her sons, ages 2 and 3, alone at her home on Third Street early Sunday morning, said Capt. Mike Hanken, with the Marshalltown Police Department. Thompson then headed over to Rumors, 309 S. 12th Ave., where Hanken said she hit her boyfriend in the head and face.

Officers charged Thompson with simple domestic assault, a simple misdemeanor; and two counts of child endangerment without injury, aggravated misdemeanors.

The victim needed no medical attention. Police notified the Department of Human Services and Domestic Violence Alternatives/Sexual Assault Center.

Marshall County Courthouse

Property Transfers

June 14

Earl and Julia Bachel to Dale Benskin, 406 Woodbury St. (Rear)

Ron and Amy Snyder to REM Homes LLC, 209 N. Third Ave.

Raymond Turnbull to Susan Johnson, 1304 Greenfield Drive

Robert and Carole Winkleblack to Kasey Klein, 608 Forest Blvd.

Ulices and Karina Cisneros to Landon Auld, 302 Brentwood Road

The Estate of Susan Untiedt to Cindy Stiles, 413 N. Ninth St.

Clint and Reagan Redman to Edgar and Lizbeth Rangel, 601 W. State St.

Glen Taylor and Alice Hunsinger-Taylor to Glen Taylor, 608 E. Olive St. #212

June 17

Jennifer Stephenson and Jennifer Markham to Thoe Moo, 1027 S. Eighth Ave.

Cindy Stiles to Carolyn and Roger Stanley, 311 Third St. SE, State Center

James & Laurel Amundson, Dennis & Tamara Amundson and Donald & Arlette Amundson to Douglas Dewey, 424 N. Seventh Ave.

The Estate of David Campbell to Andrew Berthelsen, 1906 S. Third Ave.

June 18

Dennis Laverty to Galen and Vicki Beier, 3308 Lily Lane

Mark and Kelly Krukow to John Frank, 304 N. 14th Ave.

Aaron Sauer and Katie Pansegrau to Mark Krukow, 903 Arlington Drive

Gail Davis to Jared Callahan, 1962 Wallace Ave.

June 19

Bank of America to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, 202 Third Ave. SW, State Center

Timothy Grafke to Jennifer Ream, 1796 148th St., Albion

Aaron Benscoter on contract to Rene Danner, 1007 S. Center St.

Compassion Properties LLC on contract to Donna Does-Gorsuch, 547 N. Third St.

The Estate of Vera Moyer to TST Properties LLC, 212 Koeper Drive

June 20

Federal National Mortgage Association to JJG Properties, 1911 S. Center St.

Richard Hessenius on contract to Adam and Ashley Thomas, 307 Woodbury St.

Joseph Hatch to Jim Hatch, 457 E. Dayton St., Rhodes

James Garrett to Stephanie Farrell, 3103 S. 12th St.