CCI helps fight factory farms

Last week, the Guthrie County Board of Supervisors voted to recommend the DNR deny a factory farm proposed near the White Rock Conservatory. I was especially glad to hear this news because my home is already surrounded by 5,000 corporate-owned hogs, and this is one of only two public places left in the county where I can ride my horses where the air isn’t polluted.

As citizens, we were able to affect this vote because of the help of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, a statewide organization that I have been a member of since 2006. For years, Iowa CCI has been taking on corporate power and helping Iowans fight local factory farm proposals across Iowa. With the cards so stacked against us in these fights, CCFs experience is key.

Iowa is already home to 8,000 factory farms – we can’t afford to allow even one more. If there is a proposed factory farm near you and you’re ready to take action against it, if you’re ready to fight back and refuse to let corporate power take advantage of your immunities and environment, Iowa CCI can help. Call them at 515-282-0484.