J.P. Morgan comes out will full fists

I have often wondered what the people of Germany were doing all the while Hitler was gaining power. Now I know. On June 26 Thomas Hoeing, vice chairman of the FDIC, and Sheila Bair, former FDIC chairman, were asked if they would recommend Glass-Steagall to Congress. Both answered in the affirmative. Hoenig stated that just a single big financial institution gets into trouble with the fed doing quantitative easing money printing and we see systematic meltdown as we had the last time – Congress will be asking for another tarp.

On June 20, representatives of J.P. Morgan made a blundering, heavy-handed intervention in the Delaware State House, threatening and attempting to dissuade state senators from passing State Senate Resolution No. 9 calling on their congressional delegation to reemploy the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act, currently in the United States House (H, R. 129) and Senate (S. 985). To which Lyndon LaRouche responded, “That J.P. Morgan came out with full fists indicates that they are frightened because we do have accelerating trend toward Glass-Steagall.”

Having mentioned FDR back in November 1934, Ret. General Smedley Butler was approached by J.P. Morgan-American Legion ploy to lead fascist coup against President Franklin Roosevelt, but Butler went along only to expose the whole plot even though he was promised millions of dollars and would be appointed as a general secretary of affairs.

The Pecora Commission commenced the trial of the house of Morgan which ended the popular delusion of the time that Wall Street was “untouchable” and the main enemies of Franklin Roosevelt’s reforms.

J.P Morgan was a fascist then and he is a Fascist now. We either get Congress to pass the Glass-Seagall now and put J. P. Morgan out of business or he will continue to force Fascist Factions, a dictatorship run out of London and Wall Street. This being the time that we Americans celebrate the freedoms others have attained for us, let us not allow it to slip away from us now. This is a breaking point. May God be with us, the citizens of the U.S and the world.