MEDIC leaders make a difference

I extend a special thank you to Mike Schlesinger, Jim Lowrance and Kevin Swartz who retired from MEDIC this year. These three gentlemen have made a significant contribution to moving the Marshalltown area dramatically forward in economic development. Mike Schlesinger was one of the 26 charter members I selected when I established MEDIC for the Marshalltown Chamber of Commerce in May 1991. Their daily monitoring of opportunities and the wisdom of their experience will be sorely missed.

Through its many years of existence, MEDIC has attracted the finest community leaders in central Iowa and has always been a ready resource for enthusiastic support and financial assistance for those willing to step forward and invest their lives and capital in this community. True to its original mission, by its vision and take-charge leadership, it has provided a “unified voice promoting central Iowa’s economic development.”

We all owe a debt of gratitude for all those who have so ably served and to all those yet to serve in helping shape the economic face of our community. Thank you!