4-year-old flown to Des Moines after being hit by truck

A 4-year-old boy has been released from the hospital after a neighbor accidently backed over him with his truck Wednesday evening.

According to the accident report, emergency medical technicians transported 4-year-old Isiah Price to Marshalltown Medical & Surgical Center for his injuries. The boy suffered the injuries when neighbor Gary Stier accidently struck the boy, who had been riding his bike, with his Dodge Ram while backing into his driveway on the 500 block of North Second Street.

Shortly after the incident, Sgt. Chris Roush, with the Marshalltown Police Department, said the boy was conscious after being struck and appeared to have only superficial injuries.

However, after examination, doctors at MMSC determined the boy’s injuries were more serious than first responders initially thought and flew him to Blank Children’s Hospital in Des Moines, according to the report.

Stier told police he was watching his side mirror to avoid hitting a retaining wall when he heard a crunch beneath his truck, according to the report. Hearing no other noise, Stier assumed he had simply hit a landscaping brick and proceeded to back toward his garage. Once he realized he had struck the boy, Stier checked his condition and told a witness to call police.

Marshalltown Police Chief Mike Tupper said Friday that it was his understanding the boy was in good condition and doctors expected him to make a full recovery.

Officials at Blank Children’s Hospital said the boy was not listed on the hospital’s patient registry as of Friday afternoon, indicating doctors had released him.

Following the incident, Roush said he did not anticipate any charges related to the collision.

As of Friday afternoon, police had filed no charges on Stier.