15 Minutes


Resides: Marshalltown

Hometown: Fort Dodge


Family: My amazing family consists of my mother, Roxanne Kilbride; my father and stepmother Dan and Carol Kilbride; and my brothers/best friends, Derek and David Kilbride.

Hobbies and interests: My greatest love in life has always been music. I began playing the guitar at age 10 and still love it just as much today. I will play any kind of music as long as it has a soul that can be felt and not just heard.


Occupation: Funeral director at Anderson Funeral Homes in Marshalltown.

What that means: My job is to assist families in every aspect of funeral service before, during and after the loss of a loved one.

Tenure: I joined Anderson Funeral Homes May 13. I previously worked for a funeral home in the Quad Cities for eight years.

If I could change jobs I would be a/do: The only other career I could see myself in would be as a professional musician. I have always dreamed of being a recording artist and touring the world.


Book: The last book I read was the “Wards of Faerie” by my favorite author, Terry Brooks.

Movies: “Star Wars” Episodes IV, V and VI (the original trilogy), created by George Lucas. The “Boondock Saints,” trilogy directed by Troy Duffy, and the “Dark Knight” trilogy, directed by Christopher Nolan. Additionally, “Office Space,” directed by Mike Judge.

Foods: I love a good, grilled steak or some real Memphis-style barbecue.


Best part of living here: The people here are amazing. Everyone I have met has been so kind and welcoming.

Most influential people: My parents are my heroes. They have always encouraged me to push as hard and as far as I could and to never settle for less. It was my father who steered me toward a career as a funeral director. He thought I had the right personality and heart. After 10 years, I can say it was the best advice I’ve ever received.