Tower views take in countryside

At 3 years old, a structure that provides some of the best views in Marshall County has steadily gained in popularity.

Mildred’s Tower, named after the late Mildred Grimes, is located at Grimes Farm just west of Marshalltown.

It is a 30-foot-high observation tower approximately a half-mile hike from the conservation center.

On clear days, visibility can reach more than a dozen miles in several directions.

There is also a viewer at the top of the tower for people to get up-close views from above.

The picnic table on the top deck also allows for a unique dining site.

Carrie Barr, daughter of Mildred Grimes, said the tower can accommodate a wide range of activities.

“It is a great lookout for picnic dinners, stargazing, watching the sunset or just a neat destination for a hike,” Barr said.

The tower was built in 2010 for the cost of approximately $30,000.

It was primarily funded by the Mildred Grimes memorial fund.

It was put together using recycled telephone poles and purchased bridge planks and steel beams.

It is one of the many draws at Grimes Farm and is part of the amenities of one of several of the trails on site.

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