Tambrino needs a science book

Dr. Tambrino, in his Saturday T-R column on religion makes interesting reading and usually good sense. At other times he makes surprisingly untenable statements.

In his June 29 piece he entertains the idea of the possibility of dinosaurs being rescued by Noah’s ark in the great biblical flood. Dr. Tambrino, who usually seems to have a good Bible dictionary at hand, also needs an up-to-date general science book.

Almost all Bible scholars and serious scientists would agree: Human beings and dinosaurs never co-existed! Modern humans have been on this earth a very short time, probably less than a million years. Dinosaurs were here 125 million to 65 million years ago. Only after those fearsome beasts were wiped out did the flow of life give rise to human beings.

This is not to deny that God had anything to do with it. However, God may have taken a long time and worked through complicated processes to bring the world and its current life forms to where they are today.

Today, most informed people would agree, there was no room in Noah’s ark for dinosaurs. Considering there were many kinds of dinosaurs, how big of a boat could it have been?

Comic strips might show dinosaurs and humans together. Our Bible and our science books do not. The “Leviathan” mentioned in Scripture is likely to have been a whale.

A recent book, praised by conservative and progressive biblical scholars alike, called “The Rocks Don’t Lie” with the subtitle, “A Geologist Investigates Noah’s Flood,” by David R. Montgomery, treats the historicity of the Great Flood and the tensions between science and religion in our time with full respect for both science and faith. Ask for it at the library.