We want the Orpheum to shine

I am concerned about what I am hearing and reading about our Orpheum Theater – this historic landmark our town got behind Iowa Valley Community College to restore and reinvent. I remember holding the silver ticket in my hand which let me be a part of a Grand Opening celebrating the completion of its restoration. Through these past three years, I’ve felt the excitement of potential for a bright spot in Marshalltown as people have gathered from all over the world to be a part of an awakening of the old but at the same time going forward with the style and grace this classic theater deserves.

Our town is so fortunate to have a former New Zealander join us who thinks beyond most boxes and has the vision to move us higher. Unfortunately, it seems Iowa Valley is suggesting Marshalltown doesn’t have to dream so grand. It wants to rein back the ideas to become a theater that is just okay. Clear vision blurs when we turn around to become “good enough.” It refuses to give it more time to become financially stable. Iowa Valley says we need to take a step backward and close down the dreams of being great. It’s good enough, they say. But everyone knows that contraction kills energy. Only expansion restores energy.

Our town is full of people who exemplify that they see a future bright with promise. We want the best for our children as well as ourselves. We want to grow and expand in all areas! We want Marshalltown to live up to its potential. Marshalltown doesn’t want the label “good enough.” Let’s let Iowa Valley know we are behind the Orpheum. Let them know we are behind Director Pip Gordon. We want the Orpheum to shine. And they want to take away our coffee shop too?