From eyesore to source of town pride

ALBION – A dead tree has been turned into a lasting landmark in the city of Albion.

Originally carved for the 2008 RAGBRAI visit, the tree sculpture, with the letters of the town name and an eagle on top, is now five yeas old.

It is located in the center of the town along Main Street (Highway 330).

“People like it,” said Pat Hemming, an Albion City Council member who was instrumental in getting the carving done. “I’ve seen people stop and take pictures by it.”

The carving was done by former local resident Nathan Fritz.

Hemming said it was cheaper for the city to pay for the carving rather than have it taken down. They used money in the city sign budget to make it happen.

There are also benches located next to the sculpture for people to sit and take a break.

“It’s been a place for people to stop,” Hemming said. “It’s become a landmark instead of an eyesore.”