Conservatives are correct

As a former dyed in the wool Democrat I’ve seen the light and finally came to the conclusion that the Tea Party is right, there is far too much big government. In an attempt to cut down on the oppressive big government and their wasteful spending I’m proposing the following changes.

Since approximately 70 percent of your property taxes are spent on schools let’s just close all the schools including pre-schools, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, trade schools and rehab centers. Also, to restrict the control our big government has over our lives we should disband the police force, highway patrol and the sheriff’s office. After all, we are supposed to be a free country so just let everyone carry a gun and we can all protect ourselves.

Another example of oppressive big government: we don’t need to have the police telling us how fast we can drive our own car on our roads and who says we have to drive in the right lane? We should be able to drive our cars on any side of our highways we want. Then there is

the fire department, let’s have all fire departments be privately owned, that way when your house is on fire and the fire trucks arrive you can negotiate the price of putting out the fire with the fire chief before he puts his men to work.

Social Security should stop paying the old folks for not working after all they worked for 50 years why not another 20? Then there is the military, which we would not need if everyone had their own gun, and airport security would not be necessary if all the passengers were armed.

If these ideas work for the religious radicals in Afghanistan they should work for the religious radicals here in America.