Drowning Pool co-headlines show at Impala Ballroom

With its memorable line “Let the bodies hit the floor,” the 2001 song “Bodies” propelled Drowning Pool into the hard work realm and filled mosh pits everywhere.

The band continues to stay relevant as it has released a total of five studio albums through the years. Drowning Pool will co-headline a show at the Impala Ballroom in Marshalltown Tuesday with Pop Evil.

Drowning Pool bassist Stevie Benton said fans can expect a high-energy show.

“It’s heavy music, some high energy and different bodily fluids flying on the stage,” Benton said. “…We try to bring it every night.”

The band is in the middle of a big cross-country tour and Benton said the shows make the tedious tour life worth it.

“You get that vindication and the feedback from the fans,” he said.

Benton realizes the success of the song “Bodies” continues to open doors for the band 12 years after it was released. It also is met with raucous enthusiasm from fans seeing it live.

“People still lose their minds when it comes to that song,” Benton said.

Other hits through the years for the band include “Feel Like I Do,” which reached No. 2 on Active Rock Radio charts, and “37 Stitches,” which hit No. 4.

Local hard rock fan David Hicks is excited about the show.

“They are bringing in a lot of talent,” Hicks said. “Many of them have toured the world. Pop Evil is an up-and-coming band.”

Hicks said he would like to see area people support these shows so they can be held more often in Marshalltown.

Tickets are available for $22.55 at www.Midwesttix.com and are expected to be available at the doors, which open at 6 p.m. Tuesday.

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