Perturbed about potholes, road work

Once again I will ask; “Is anyone at City Hall in charge?”

What is the purpose of putting down an asphalt overlay on some of the downtown CBD streets but ignoring the broken up or missing curbs and sidewalks like we see on South First Street as an example?

I, and others, have asked for the past three plus years to start a project to repair these curbs and the potholes etc. but there seems to always be a problem with ownership levy for the sidewalk. Result: Nothing gets done but pedestrians tripping and falling each year.

Well after a $12 million dollar bond sale, some of the deficiencies are being addressed but why not do fewer streets and do a full repair, especially at the seat of government and retail business areas of Center and Main from Third to Third? Do it right the first time or pay more money later to bust up some new surfaces to finish the job in years to come. Seem right to you? Not to me.

Also, I see some curb repair in residential areas without the handicap yellow marked or the curb cut ramped. Why in most places but not all? Hmmmmm.

Another area of apparent lax management I see is the parking line and street markings task. Do it once and do it right with the best paint and then not have to come back in mid-summer and late fall to put down the markings again.

Apparently buying the right paint and using the equipment we own doesn’t seem to be a solution. “We don’t have enough Street Department employees” That’s the reason we’ve been told in the past. I say BULL. How many new trucks do you see on the street with one or two “employees” with not a tool in the truck bed? Follow them for a bit and find out that they appear to be out cruising some of the time. What happened to work schedules?