East Marshall schools look into more security cameras

The East Marshall School District is looking into adding security cameras at its middle school in Gilman and elementary school in Laurel.

East Marshall has had cameras at the high school in Le Grand for several years.

“I think any school anymore now needs to have good security,” said East Marshall Superintendent Dianne Anderson. “A good start for security is to have those cameras.”

Anderson said the high school cameras have worked out well and they continue to look at ways to increase security district-wide.

“Principal Rex Kozak has said they’ve been effective in different ways,” Anderson said.

Middle School Principal Bob Schelp said they originally had discussions about security cameras at the school two years ago to increase property security. The Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings last year has led more schools to look into cameras for the security of students and staff.

“There’s an increasing trend on it,” Schelp said.

Marshalltown schools have added security cameras at the high school and middle school in recent years. A long-term plan has the district adding cameras at the lower grade levels as well.

The East Marshall School district underwent training on dealing with an active shooter and found out cameras can help locate a person in the building and help with response.

“It’s just safer for the kids,” Anderson said.

An agenda item on the addition of cameras at the middle school and elementary school was tabled at a East Marshall School Board meeting earlier this month to get more information. The board plans to get more information about the possible project at its Aug. 12 meeting.

Anderson said the cameras would be purchased from the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy in the district, but had no cost estimate to share.