Daily Record, July 19, 2013

Marshalltown Fire Department


The Marshalltown Fire Department responded to a call to 1011 S. Third Ave., 3202 S. 12th St., a fire call to 508 W. South St. and eight medical assists with the EMS crew to: 106 N. 17th Ave., 101 NewCastle Road, 2009 Catalina Place, 407 Melody Lane, 1702 S. Seventh Ave., 1416 W. Linn St., 109 E. Main St. and 2710 S. Sixth St.


The Marshalltown Fire Department responded to a call to at 207 E. Main St., 407 Melody Lane, 123 W. Main St. and 613 W. Linn St. and two medical assists with the EMS crew to 200 S. 12th Ave. and 409 N. First Ave.


The Marshalltown Fire Department responded to two fire calls to 8 E. Seventh St. and 411 1/2 S. Second St. and rescue call to 209 N. 14th Ave.


The Marshalltown Fire Department responded to a call to 1500 W. Lincoln Tower Circle, 3 Denmead Blvd., 1016 S. Third Ave., 111 S. Third Ave. and 202 N. Second Ave. and one medical assist with the EMS crew to 211 S. Third Ave.

Marshalltown Police Department


On Tuesday, a juvenile male from Marshalltown was cited for violation of a no-contact order and a curfew violation.


On Tuesday, a pickup driven by Russell Martin Katzer, of Conrad, was northbound on North Third Avenue when it collided with the rear of a car driven by Nancy Ann Keller, of Grundy Center, which was stopped waiting to merge into traffic and pushed it into a truck that was parked with flashers on making a delivery or pickup at a local business. No injuries were reported. Katzer was cited for failure to stop within the assured clear distance. Damage to the Katzer pickup was estimated at $2,000 while the Keller car received an estimated $10,000 in damage and the delivery truck an estimated $1,000 in damage.

On Tuesday, a vehicle driven by Delores Banvender, 86, 212 Rainbow Drive, was southbound on Second Avenue, stopped at the stop sign at Olive Street and proceeded through the intersection southbound when a car, driven by Gilberto Flores, 19, of 7713 E. Pecan Plantation Circle, Pharr Hidalgo, Texas, which was westbound on Olive Street, was not able to stop due to break failure and went through the stop sign, striking the Banvender car. No injuries were reported. Damage to the Banvender car was estimated at $1,800. Damage to the Flores vehicle was estimated at $800.