Big award helps expand their reach

UNION – Floyd Hammer and Kathy Hamilton are not new to recognition for their work as part of their charity Outreach Inc., based in Union.

But they have to say getting an award Monday from President Barack Obama and former President George H.W. Bush was something special.

The couple was awarded with the Points of Light Award in Washington, D.C., for their work helping feed children in impoverished countries in East Africa, like Tanzania, as well as leading meal packaging programs for the hungry in America.

“If two presidents say you are doing a good job, then that’s probably about as good as validation as you can get,” Hammer said.

Hamilton said the meeting with her husband, Hammer and the presidents went fast and she was able to have a brief word with Obama.

“He told me ‘thank you for the good work that you do,'” Hamilton said.

Outreach Inc. is busy with not only its meals program for the hungry, but also work with providing medication and water systems to people in impoverished countries.

The couple found out they won the award, which was started by Bush in 1989, while in Tanzania.

“It was very emotional,” Hammer said. “It truly was.”

The response to the award has been very positive this past week. Outreach has 10 times the traffic on its Facebook site and is getting calls about their meal packaging program from all over the country.

“It’s been very good for Outreach,” Hammer said.

Hamilton said they have been getting hugs from local people in Union since their return.

“I think we’ve got the town’s support behind us,” she said.

Michelle Nun, CEO of Points of Light, said the work of the couple has made an impact on the world.

“Kathy Hamilton and Floyd Hammer are inspiring examples of people who saw a problem and didn’t hesitate to step up and try to solve it,” Nun said. “Their work has done so much to create healthier and happier lives for children. They are the walking definition of points of light.”

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