In the heart of nature

LISCOMB – Grammer Grove Wildlife Area is often known as a hidden gem in Marshall County. Located off a couple of gravel roads southwest of Liscomb, the park features miles of trails, picnic areas and one very old rock.

Mike Stegmann, director of the Marshall County Conservation Board which operates Grammer Grove, said the trails are often a highlight for many.

“One part of the trail has really neat tall trees that have kind of a cathedral aspect,” he said.

Trail walkers find themselves nestled in the middle of nature as trees and other living things surround them. It also has popular spots for bird-watching.

“You have a pretty good chance of seeing wildlife,” Stegmann said.

One of the trails eventually leads to the Iowa River. Another trail near the restroom area at the park leads to a glacial erratic rock that is believed to be 14,000 years old and made its way here via a glacier. The rock has a diameter of 15 feet and Stegmann is unsure of its weight.

“It was a powerful glacier to move something that immense,” Stegmann said.

The glacial erratic is a hit with visitors from throughout the area.

“It’s well known throughout central Iowa,” Stegmann said.