State unveils online renewal for driver’s licenses, IDs

Waiting in line or sitting on the couch to renew a driver’s license is up to the individual now.

Gov. Terry Branstad, along with Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds and the Iowa Department of Transportation, on Monday unveiled the state’s new online driver’s license and ID renewal system.

In May, the governor signed House File 355 into law, making online renewal a reality.

“This system was created to give Iowans the flexibility to renew their driver’s license or ID when and where it is convenient for them,” Branstad said.

Nearly 284,000 licensed drivers in the state are now eligible to renew their licenses or IDs 24 hours a day, seven days a week from their computers or smartphones.

“The online renewal system supports our administration’s goal of creating a more efficient and effective government,” Reynolds said. “As a former county treasurer, it’s exciting to see the use of new technologies and how the new online application supplements the current system.”

While the new renewal system takes less time and is more efficient, there are several restrictions that limit who can renew online. You will be able to renew online if:

You have a valid Iowa driver’s license or ID (non CDL).

You are at least 18, but younger than 70 years old.

Your license or ID has not been expired for more than a year.

It is less than 180 days to the renewal date on your current license or ID.

You are a U.S. citizen.

You do not have any medical or vision conditions that would impact your ability to drive.

You do not need to change the address or name printed on your card.

Kim Snook, director of office and driver services for the DOT, said this system is step in the right direction and it gives citizens a choice.

“Time is very valuable to everyone,” Snook said. “We looked at how other states did things and came up with this system.”

Snook said the online renewal alleviates some of the heavy foot traffic experienced at driver’s license stations across the state.

“It takes time to process everyone,” she said. “We can spend more time with people coming in like young people taking knowledge tests or driving tests; it’s something we wanted to do in the state of Iowa for a long time.”

Renewal cards will contain the same photo on your former driver’s license or ID and you will only be able to renew online every other renewal period, according to the release.

New cards will be sent in the mail within 30 days of renewing, and drivers are asked to keep their old driver’s licenses until that time with a proof of purchase of the renewal.

Visit to get to the renewal website.