Some Lennox jobs may move to Mexico

The future of about 250 jobs at Lennox is unclear following an announcement from the corporation Monday.

Lennox intends to add a production line for heating units at a facility in Mexico within the next two years. The Marshalltown facility currently houses multiple heating lines, and company spokesperson John Hurst said it would continue to do so.

“A large chunk of the heating and cooling product will still be made in Marshalltown,” Hurst said.

The company is anticipating increased orders in the next two years, meaning the new line in Mexico could handle the additional capacity and all lines in Marshalltown would be retained.

“If two years from now, if the economy continues to do what its doing, the effect (on the Marshalltown plant) could be negligible,” Hurst said.

If business does not expand, jobs would be eliminated in Marshalltown.

The move, which would happen in late 2014 at the earliest, is pending a negotiation with the United Auto Workers union which represents the line workers in Marshalltown.

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