Yard parking ordinance starts Sept. 1

The side yard and backyard parking ordinance in Marshalltown passed last November will go into effect Sept. 1.

Council member Al Hoop put a reminder out to the public during a discussion portion of the council meeting this week.

“There hasn’t been a whole lot said since they passed it,” Hoop said.

Hoop and fellow council member Bob Schubert voted against the ordinance when it was passed. The ordinance seeks to keep vehicles off the lawns and on gravel and hard surfaces in town. Single-family residences are limited to two vehicles beyond the garage. They must be parked on an appropriate surface of asphalt, concrete or gravel and have a driveway leading to it.

Marshalltown Police Chief Mike Tupper said he won’t have staff on the lookout for these violators.

“The police officers routinely aren’t going to be out driving around looking for these violations,” Tupper said. “It’s going to be complaint-driven.”

Tupper said it is their desire to get voluntary compliance on the ordinance. Complaints will be handled by the parking enforcement officer during the day. At night, the police will most likely not look into parking complaints since his staff is busy handling other issues.

“I don’t know that I want to burden them with those complaints,” Tupper said.

Tupper said nighttime parking complaints will most likely be addressed the next day.