Keeping the beat

When Tavian Rasmusson has some pent up energy he takes a seat behind his drum set and pounds away.

“When I play I can get my energy out,” Rasmusson said.

His continued improvement on the drums the past few years has led him to participate in more programs.

The 14-year-old from Marshalltown recently took part in the School of Rock in Ames, which is essentially a two-week summer camp for young rockers.

“It was fun,” he said. “I got to meet new people.”

He is the son of Rick and Alyson Rasmusson, who said they were impressed at how quick of a study Tavian was on the drums.

“He took off to it pretty quick,” Rick Rasmusson said. “He went from not knowing anything to being pretty good. It’s a good hobby for him.”

Rasmusson has been taking private drum lessons with Bill Wilson in Marshalltown for three years. Wilson said the teenager has lots of natural ability. Wilson often will play directly across from his students and Rasmusson is one of the best at following along.

“He’s got great hand speed and hand-eye coordination and will play any style I put in front of him, Wilson said. “He’s very good.”

Rasmusson prefers to play rock ‘n’ roll and he said his favorite song to play is “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Green Day.

Rasmusson will be a freshman this fall at East Marshall High School. He said he’s not sure if he wants to pursue drumming as just a hobby or a career in the future. He hopes to be a part of a rock band soon.

“For now, it’s just a hobby,” he said.