Seven Cubes sculpture an MCC hallmark

The sheer weight of a sculpture on the campus of Marshalltown Community College is quite impressive.

Seven Cubes, located on the western edge of campus, features seven steel cubes and totals 10.5 tons. It is the work of artist Luther Utterback who was a University of Iowa graduate.

The cubes made a 500-mile tour throughout Iowa before arriving at its MCC home in 1988.

Tim Castle, art faculty member of MCC, is a big fan of the cubes.

“I love them,” Castle said. “I think they are remarkable and we are so lucky to have them.”

Castle takes his classes to the piece every year. He said when he walks among the cubes it almost feels like he is walking among an ancient ruin.

“When people walk among them, they see something in them and value them and appreciate them,” Castle said. “You’ve got to be in its presence.”

Castle often hears there is not enough color to the piece and he disagrees. He said the surface colors change depending on the light of the day and the seasons.

The angular cubes mirror the streamlined concrete architecture of the college. Utterback died at the age of 49 in 1997 in Brooklyn, N.Y.