LaRouche movement has Christian solution

I wish to thank the Marshalltown T-R for publishing my LaRouche Letters against the long-held secret of never allowing his name to be mentioned on national news. This is because he published the illegal operation of the big banks in the 1970s.

As our Washington team stormed the halls of Congress, asking our representatives to endorse Glass-Steagall, it found that many of the representatives have been receiving above-average amounts of money from Wall Street and the big banks. In fact, these financiers felt they were running Congress. We the citizens must demand that Congress work for “we the people”.

In addition, last week as our Washington team walked the halls of Congress the big eastern papers were full of the LaRouche Team working to get Glass-Steagall endorsed. From what we found, we believe the Pecora of the 1930s should be reopened to find the people working against the citizens.

If we allow them to continue to destroy our country, much like Detroit where the banks with billions of dollars of derivatives debt are being bailed out instead of honoring peoples livelihoods.

Which is exactly what the British Royalty want to happen, reduce world population from seven to one billion or less. All of this fanfare of the British Royalty on national news is nothing but a form of a Trojan horse. This is their plan for the world.

We in the LaRouche Movement have a Christian solution to our problem. By using our God-given creative minds creating solutions to our problem, we can create a “NEW PARADIGM” for the world.

Three Steps (1) Glass-Steagall, (2) Reinstall The United States Credit Bank, (3) NAWAPA will create millions of jobs and bring water from Alaska and Canada to regulate and bring western states agriculture back into production and regulate weather to control the drought conditions.

The fact that we have allowed our country to get so badly in debt, it will not be easy until we get these actions working. If people are interested in reading about these actions, I will be on the north lawn of the courthouse, two days after this is published, with pamphlets that explains our action.