Supervisors support flood buyout request

Jim and Jody Wiegand still have a long road for their possible FEMA flood buyout request, but they got the backing of the Marshall County Board of Supervisors Tuesday.

The county said it will pay 7.5 percent of the buyout on the $130,000 home located at 2722 Garwin Road if the buyout is approved from FEMA.

“It doesn’t shut the door for you,” said Deane Adams, county supervisors.

The Wiegands dealt with 3 to 4 feet of water outside of their home but had minimal damage inside their home this past spring due to sandbagging.

They were not told of a previous big flood at their home prior to purchasing it in 1994.

The Wiegands agreed to pay 7.5 percent as well if FEMA approves, which is half of what the county typically pays. FEMA would pay 75 percent of the buyout and the state would pay 10 percent.

Since the home was not severely damaged inside, officials say it’s a longshot for FEMA to approve the buyout funding, but the county supported the Wiegands anyway.

If FEMA does not approve the funding, the county will pay nothing to the buyout.

“We’ll have to find the money in the budget if and when FEMA does approve this,” said Supervisor Dave Thompson.

Jody Wiegand was in attendance at the meeting Tuesday.

“We really appreciate it,” she told the board.

Thompson said this does not mean all homes which have had flood damage will be approved by the supervisors in the future, as those will be taken on a case-by-case basis.

County employees were also recognized for their service at the meeting including Tim Jennings (40 years in secondary roads), Burt Tecklenburg (25 years in the sheriff’s office) and Dane Zuercher (five years in county attorney’s office).

Thompson said all three are great county employees and he said Jennings “does exemplary work.”