Stolen safe recovered, arrest warrants issued

A safe stolen from a Marshalltown apartment complex in early July has been recovered and several arrest warrants have been issued in connection to the theft.

Det. Craig Brooks, a private investigator from Des Moines, said authorities retrieved the safe in pieces in the bottom of Linn Creek in Marshalltown early last week.

The Hall Mosler safe, which had $250,000 worth of silver bars inside, was stolen in a burglary at the Park Elm Apartments, 415 N. Third St., sometime July 6. Police were called to the scene and the owner hired Brooks to privately investigate.

Some items were recovered with the safe, but the rest was spent on things like lottery tickets and bicycles, Brooks said.

“Some of it was also taken to Christopher’s Fine Jewelry in Des Moines and spent on other stuff,” he said.

Brooks said he received several tips in the past three weeks that were helpful, which helped him turn his case over to the Marshalltown Police Department.

Capt. Mike Hanken, with the MPD, said several arrest warrants have been issued and he is hopeful they can have the suspects arrested by the end of this week.

Brooks is offering a $5,000 reward to the person who helps in convicting the suspects.

Hanken said the incident remains under investigation.