Pipe break is minor issue for aquatic center

Marshalltown Parks and Recreation officials said a broken pipe at the aquatic center Monday was a minor issue.

Terry Gray, Parks and Rec director, said the fresh water line that goes to the aquatic center broke Monday morning, flooding the building that houses the pumps and filters.

A fitting for the pipe that broke was too big to buy in Marshalltown, so Parks and Rec had to close the pool Tuesday to get the part and replace it.

“We had to wait overnight to get that part,” she said.

Gray said the fix was minor and was able to be fixed by city workers, but there is always money set aside in the aquatic center budget for maintenance.

“We always expect maintenance,” she said.

Gray said the pipe couldn’t have failed at a better time.

“We were very lucky (Tuesday) was a cool day and we probably wouldn’t have been open anyway,” she said. “We’re grateful for that.”

Gray didn’t have an estimate on the cost of the piece of pipe as of press time.