Supports Steve King

In response to “Talking to Steve King” a Mark Shields column published Monday: It is obvious to the casual observer that Mr. Shields doesn’t like Steve King. Is Mr. Shields a politician? I for one am positively fed up with hearing from left-wing liberals who feel they must put down a good man. Undocumented immigrants are “illegals.” They have broken the law and as such have no say in what happens to them. Many are drug smugglers, others cheat the IRS, some here in Marshalltown lie about their income to get reduced-cost lunches for their children at the local schools, others live for the welfare that is rampant here in Marshalltown. The front page of the Times-Republican indicated 4 out of 5 Americans are without jobs or looking. Mr. Shields would give all jobs to undocumented immigrants so Americans can’t get them. I wonder if he knows what is in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, probably not. Well, here is one who thinks we need more Steve Kings and fewer Mark Shields. Please and thank you.