MPD puts new cop car on the streets

The newest Marshalltown Police Department patrol vehicle has been turning heads wherever it’s gone in the past few days on the streets.

The new vehicle, a military Humvee, was finished and delivered to the police department this week and Capt. Mike Hanken said it’s turned into a conversation piece.

“In the last couple of days, wherever it’s been, people have come up and wanted to see it,” he said.

The MPD received a surplus military Humvee at no cost last December. The Humvee was first picked up at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin and driven back to Marshalltown where it was put to use immediately in a snowstorm, according to a MPD news release.

At that time, the vehicle was not equipped with essential police equipment.

Since then, Community Outreach Officer Brad Mauseth, along with a group of high school students and local businesses, has been transforming the Humvee into a police vehicle.

The vehicle was first coated in a spray-on bed-liner at Exhaust Pros, then it was painted at S&S Auto Body and Frame, emergency lights and sirens were installed by Racom and Sign Creations put the finishing touches on the vehicle with new decals.

According to the release, many of the parts and time were donated by the local businesses.

Hanken said the Humvee will be used year-round, especially in parades and events around the community.

“It’s taking part in its first parade (Saturday) at Mousehole Days in Melbourne,” he said.

It will also make appearances in the Pioneer Days Parade in Le Grand on Aug. 24 and the Oktemberfest Parade Sept. 28.