Man receives suspended sentence in domestic assault case

A Marshalltown man was given a suspended sentence for simple domestic assault Friday.

Dolphus Coleman, 48, received a 30-day suspended sentence after threatening his girlfriend in March.

Coleman was charged with domestic abuse assault, and because it was his third such charge the crime is a felony.

A police report states Coleman cornered his girlfriend and threatened to smash her head against a wall. The woman was able to lock herself in a bedroom but Coleman eventually broke down the door. She was able to hold off Coleman with a machete until police arrived.

Coleman was charged in July for violating a no-contact order with the victim, but in plea agreement the only offense Coleman was guilty of was the downgraded simple domestic assault, a simple misdemeanor.

Coleman served two days in jail and the other 28 days are suspended. He was placed on probation and received no fine though he was required to pay $310 in a probation enrollment fee.