Tama County approves tax levies for townships

Tama County Supervisors on Monday approved the township property tax levies for Tama County payable in fiscal year 2013-2014.

Rates are as follows: General Funds at 6.30996, MH-DD Services at .65213, Debt Service at 0, General Levy by supervisors at 6.96209, Rural Services Levy by supervisors at 3.59566, State of Iowa Brucellosis Eradication fund at .00330, Agricultural Extension Service levy at .19810, and County Assessor Levy for Conference Board at .32500, for a total combined county services levy for the cities at 7.48849 and total combined county services levy for rural at 11.08415. Property tax relief from state funded mental health costs is $56,8799. This is a tax levy reduction of $0.6521272 per $1,000 of Property Valuation, effective July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013.

Tama County Engineer Lyle Brehm reported work on Highway D65 near Dinsdale, is going as planned. Brehm said he will meet with FEMA probably on Friday, to discuss plans for work needing to be done.

Four utility permits were approved. They were for Windstream Communications to replace a section of cable in Richland Township, to replace a section of cable that is defective and cannot be repaired in York Township and to install a fiber optic signal regeneration cabinet to increase service capacity in Grant Township. The fourth permit was for the installation of a new pole at in Salt Creek Township.

Lou Brown,of the Meskwaki Settlement, was present to discuss a possibility of a Tama County Art Center. Brown listed her qualifications and asked for input for such a project. It was suggested a meeting with locals be organized to set up a plan, then supervisors would look at the legal status required for such a project.

In other business, Dysart Recreation, Inc., of Dysart, was granted a Class A Liquor License including outdoor service and Sunday sales, for a one-year term.

A resolution was passed approving the Region 6 Housing Trust Fund. It states the Region 6 Housing Trust Fund can apply for $341,010 of Iowa Finance Authority state housing trust funds if the trust fund secures $85,253 of local contributions, the per capita state share for Tama County being $63,868 if $15,967 of local assistance is secured.

The fund can be used for qualified rental and owner occupied housing improvement activities for income qualified people across Tama County. All the applicants must have annual incomes under 80 percent of the county median as determined by HUD.

Tama County will provide $15,967 of cash assistance in fiscal year 2014-2015.